Sunday, 20 July 2014

Jersey Post #4

Hi There

Well here are all of The Boys together, both human and doggy variety.

Aaron (AKA Fat Boy) with white T-shirt and Benji in front and Declan (AKA Little Rash) with Binks. Whilst on the topic of names, for some reason they call me Dweeb !

Don't be fooled by the coat it was a hot day, although I was assured that the wind was cold. No it wasn't darling, it wasn't a cold wind it was a warm breeze. I'm sure she must have been reptilian in a previous life. Oh, and Nicky is fondly known by me as Toad.

Binks had found something in the heather, well he hadn't actually found it as he spent about ten minutes looking for it whatever it was. Kept sticking his head right in and we were half expecting a yelp and for something to come out attached to his nose by the teeth.

Family shot on one of our walks whilst we are all over, Mum, two sons, one daughter, other halves, two of the eight grand children and three great grand children yet to arrive.

And Jersey almost looking like a tropical Island.

Back to the car park and found this little fella wandering around. The Boys thought we'd order a takeaway for them, but we managed to keep them from having a midday snack.

Not daunted in the slightest by a crowd of people and two (hungry) dogs and in the end had to be shooed away so we could move the cars to go home.

 And for a change, a nice cooling walk in the woods close to home.

Well not that cool, as The Boys still needed a pit stop to take on some water.

Bye for now.

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