Sunday, 13 July 2014

An Unscheduled Trip Back Home

Hi There

Well as the title suggests, we are unexpectedly back home in Jersey for a month or so and whilst we love the scenery that the waterways has got to offer, it's difficult to beat Jersey on a nice summers day.

Pictured here is the headland above Beauport on the south coast.

Unfortunately the reason for our return is that Nicky's dad died last week and here he is at the helm of Badger Sett on the Llangollen Canal when they last came over to see us.

Sad times, he will be greatly missed, but many good memories.

I won't be signing off with our log details of Badger Sett as she's patiently moored up and waiting for us on the Ashby Canal.


  1. Nicky, we are so, so very sorry to hear your sad news, our thoughts are with you both and your extended family. xxx