Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Jersey Post #2

Hi There

Well the weather over here continues to impress and is probably my first summer holiday in the Island having previously worked through the summers or been off Island on holiday.


This is Greve De Lecq bay on Jersey's North-West Coast and close to where Nicky grew up. On the left, but out of the picture, is a pub called the Prince of Wales where we first met back in the 80's, probably about 1984 I think.

And here's the little lady herself (AKA Nicky) second from the right from about the time we first met. I could almost fancy her again  . . . . . . well almost.

 Benji having a dig on the beach

 And Binks waiting for someone to play with him rather than taking silly pictures.

Nicky was dragged down for a morning swim with her mum, brothers and uncles, unfortunately for her high tide was at eight o'clock though so it was up early for her. Binks, pictured here with Nicky, has always been a good swimmer, but

 Benji's never been keen on the water although that won't stop him when mum's in . . . . .

 But that's enough for now.

The closest shape bobbing in the water is Binks after Nicky sent him back in as she wasn't sure how long he'd be able to keep swimming, as you can see, he'd gone out quite a way.

And Benji's on the right standing guard and making sure everyone is okay.

Well that's all for now, if the weather keeps up I'll hopefully get some more nice snaps from around the Island and maybe whet your appetite as Jersey for a holiday destination for you one day.

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