Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Boys Last Swim

Hi There

Well as the post title suggests, this is some photo's of The Boys last swim in Jersey before heading back home to Badger Sett.

Binks whose always loved the water.
Binks (left) telling bruv that the water's fine. Unless there is a reason to go in, this is about as far as Benji would normally get.

Reason enough for Benji, both mum and bruv are in the water so here I go.

An above and below shot, nice clear water isn't it.

Benji on a mission to get out to mum.

Benji again.

Binks with youngest son Dec.

Benji venturing out past the harbour wall.

And a video of Benji. As I said, Benji's not a keen swimmer and twice he's gone into a canal by accident. The first time after floundering around he realised that there was only about 12" of water so just stood up. The second time happened a few months ago and he fell in whilst going under a bridge and looked like he was struggling a bit, hence the getting him in the water whilst we've been back home. Anyway, here's a video I've put together, hope you enjoy it.

Finally, leaving Jersey and heading back to Badger Sett after an unexpected month away.

Bye for now.