Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Winter Visitors

Hi There

A frosty morning and visitors at the hatch, mum, dad and a single signet going through the change to white. The signet is a really grumpy bugger and hisses at The Boys every time we walk past him. Now a hissing swan isn't that much of a strange thing, but it's usually the protective parents not their babies. I guess this one must have had some bad experiences since spring time.

The swans weren't our only winter visitors though as our son Aaron came to stay with us for a week with his girlfriend Emma.

Monday was 'home alone' day for me whilst they all set off to Birmingham for the day. Emma was full of smiles on the way back, possibly looking forward to seeing me . . . .

Or more likely, a successful days shopping judging by the amount of bags that came aboard.

Now my 'home alone' day consisted of walking The Boys followed by getting some tree rings with our trolly from about fifteen minutes up the canal and then splitting them into logs. Each trip (walk up, load up, bring back and then split) took about 45 minutes and I did four trips in all, but the end result was worth it as I think I probably got about five weeks worth of logs to add to our existing stock of part seasoned logs 😁 so should be okay for part of the 'Artic Winter' that's apparently on its way.

Travelling up the Lapworth flight of locks and it's amazing the difference a few extra pairs of hands make and managed to do fifteen locks in a little over two hours. We are back onto nice single ones now and they weren't overly deep either that makes life a bit easier and quicker.

I was relegated to lock duty whilst Aaron did the boaty bit and it was quite strange to see Badger Sett from the tow path as I very rarely don't do the boat.

It was a cold day so we put The Boys coats on as they would be hanging around a bit. During a normal walk though they never have them on, even in temperatures around zero as they keep on the move. And a final shot of Emma before she disappeared on board under the pretence of making tea and coffee.

Badger Sett in center of picture in her mooring spot at Alvechurch marina where we left her whilst we went back home for Christmas and the New Year. Back onboard now and just spending a few more days on the mooring whilst we get some bits done on the boat before we set off on out 2015 travels.

And so in signing off,

Day 707 in the Badger Sett Narrowboat - 1396 miles, 664 locks and 728 cruising hours further on from when we started.