Thursday, 17 July 2014

Jersey Post #3

Hi There

The Boys normally get around two to three hours of walks a day, but with the hot weather we've been having over here they've only really been getting a couple of 30 - 40 minute walks so they don't get to hot.

We've done a couple of early(ish) morning walks of an hour or two and aim to be back home somewhere between eight and nine, but I had the bright idea of giving them a full one the other day so was up and out the door at 06:01 in the morning.

Nicky's mums home is about ten minutes walk from accessing one of the north coast cliff paths where we usually take The Boys, but the paths do actually stretch along the whole of the north coast from Les Landes on the North-West of the Island to Rozel in the east.

I was travelling east and into the sun, so I could only photograph where I'd been and not where I was heading as with a low bright sun the pictures would have come out dark. So my starting point above was Crabbe (pronounced Crab-ay) and looking back towards the west of the Island.

About five years ago The National Trust of Jersey released a flock of Manx Loaghtan sheep on the headland between Devils Hole and Sorel Point in an attempt to return this section of headland to a mixture of bracken and areas of pasture as the bracken had taken over the whole area. They are free to roam the whole area and live there for twelve months of the year.

Seems like they've had their summer haircut.

This little chap was a bit weary of The Boys, but stood his ground so I could get the photo. There have unfortunately been some dog attacks over the years so you have to keep dogs on their leads along the whole section now, which is a bit of a shame, but better that than further incidents.

Looking back again and about an hour and a half into my walk.

The first bay you come to along the cliff path from where I set off was Bonne Nuit Bay. There are a lot of smaller bays and coves along the north coast, but not all are easily accessible or accessible at all so there are only two or three points along my route today where you come down this close to the waters edge. The building in the middle left of this picture is apartments, but used to be a hotel and was where we spent our wedding night all those years ago.

I'd estimated my route to be about ten miles and thought it would take just under three hours so had asked Nicky to pick me and The Boys up at nine o'clock. I eventually 'stumbled' down the last section of cliff path to my pickup point at Bouley Bay at 09:20 so only about twenty minutes later than was planned that I was pretty pleased with. And did I get a cuddle for my efforts, no, although I can't blame Nicky too much as after three and a bit hours of walking up and down cliff paths in a gaining heat I must admit that my shirt was a bit 'damp' to say the least.

And so my finishing point, Bouley Bay.

Oh and another bit of trivia for you, Bouley Bay is where Nicky's mum and dad taught me to dive along with a group of others, some of whom are still very good friends to this day.

And whilst on the topic of diving, Nicky had learnt to dive many, many, many years before me and here she is aged 7 and flanked by her brothers as diving was a big part of their lives for many years.

Forecast looks good and settled for a while yet so we'll try to get out to some different places with our camera for some more posts.

Bye for now.

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