The Ribble Link


Not enough water in the River Douglas yet.

So waiting patiently outside the lock on the Rufford Branch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal where we'll be the last of the convoy to lock.

Pushing the incoming tide as you exit the lock for the first twenty minutes or so, but opening up a bit now so making better headway.

Even catching up one of the boats that locked before us.

Starting to open up now as we get closer to The River Ribble

Following the boats from the first two lockings.

Some larger boats incoming and giving us plenty of room as you can see!!

Being the last to lock caused us to make a diversion to Preston Docks for the night as Savick Brook, the final piece of The Ribble Link, had run out of water.

Unexpectedly moored up for the night in the docks, but not all bad though as there was a supermarket close by and a laundry at the marina.

Back on the river the next morning to join up with the boats doing the link today and making the turn into Savick Brook.

Unbeknown to us, the 'interesting' part of our trip  (Savick Brook) was only just starting and I'll just let the photos say it all. Just pleased there were boats in front or we'd have thought we'd taken a wrong turning.

The final part of the journey requires you to enter the basin at the base of the final set of locks that take you up to The Lancaster Canal and reverse into the first lock.

Starting to make the turn

Getting there

Starting to reverse back now as the lock is nearly ready for us.

In we go.

The Boys

Well that's us in and waiting for the other boat that's locking up with us.

Nearly there

Final lock being opened and the boat next to us reversing out into the too basin. 

An unwanted guest that wanted to get attached with our propeller!

Looking back down the locks.

First nights mooring on The Lancaster Canal and an enjoyable four weeks followed. 

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