Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Windsor to Bourne End

So after three nights in Windsor, at a tearful mooring cost of £8 a night, it was time to get back into cruising mode, well all of two miles and one lock, but plenty enough for the first day.

A quick walk for The Boys first though who managed to photo bomb Nicky's shot of Windsor Castle.

And again!

Not this time though. . . .

No rest for the wicked at our next mooring spot through as a bit of spring cleaning, or in this case rubbing down and painting, was on the agenda.

Binks snoozing outside and

Benji looking very comfy in the cratch.

Back on the move after two days of decorating

Heading through Maidenhead after making a pit stop at Lidl for the weekly shop on the way past

And moored up for the night at a far more cost effective £0 per night 😀

Currently at Bourne End, having walked forward to Marlow to check out the mooring spots for tomorrow. Certainly won't be one of the £12 a night ones though, prefer to just chuck the anchor overboard and bob about for the night!

And so in signing off,

Day 1347 in the Badger Sett Narrow boat - 2896 miles, 1779 locks and 1439 cruising hours further on from when we started.


  1. Ha! Did you moor in our winter mooring slot that we vacated this morning?

    If you walked to Marlow you must have seen us on the visitor moorings just below the lock... See you tomorrow?

    1. Yes, we were straight in there apparently and were told by the boat in front and the 'thatll £5 to moor here' lady that you only moved today. Saw your boat on our walk into Marlow, planning on mooring below the locks as well so see you later.

    2. We're here today where you were yesterday having been where you were yesterday yesterday! Make sense! We'll catch you up one day or maybe later if we walk forward with The Boys.

    3. Ha! Well we only went up the lock and moored on the free 24hr mooring by the park. I thought it might be busy but not so. Might see you tomorrow then..

  2. I might have passed you today as you walked..