Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Kennet and Avon Canal

Hi there

Well day one of Nicky's challenge and it's 3 locks down and 205 to go.

First lock of the day and a different sort of paddle gear to normal.

Yup, she's sussed it and she's off. . . .

Bit of manual work needed after the easy button operated locks of The Thames.

Go on dear, you're getting there. . .

And that's us off on our travels

Until you get a traffic light! and of course it just has to be red

Anything up to a twelve minute wait as well

but as luck would have it, one press and it was green and off we went through a fairly narrow and winding town center

Weir to the right and lock to the left and the other end of the traffic light system

Getting to the outskirts after the second lock

The Boys just having a snooze to pass the time

And out into the countryside

Decided before setting off to moor up at the first place we came across that was open for the solar panels and a nice outlook that turned out to be about two and a half miles from the junction just above the third and final lock for the day.

Then a walk to find a mooring spot for tomorrow that'll be two miles and one lock away

And finally, a bit of today's wildlife

First time on The Kennet and Avon Canal for us and if it's as nice as it's been so far then we should have a good few months.

And so in signing off,

Day 1356 in the Badger Sett Narrow boat - 2912 miles, 1788 locks and 1447 cruising hours further on from when we started.

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