Saturday, 23 February 2013

Badger Sett to the rescue

Travelled from Chester to Ellesmere Port this week and it took us five days to travel the eight miles. At this rate I reckon it'll take us about ten to fifteen years to see the whole network!

Been building up our stock of wood for the stove on the way as we'd gone through a bit whilst moored at Chester for five days and then nipped into Ellesmere Ports Asda Super Store to fill up the fridge and cupboards.

We're planning to visit the National Waterways Museum whilst we're here and that brings me nicely to the 'to the rescue' part of the blog. We'd just set off after getting back from Asda and the widebeam barge that the museum uses to give people short trips up the canal had got some wood caught in its propeller and wasn't going anywhere fast.

Never fear, Badger Sett is here I shouted whilst donning my cape and pulling my red Y-Fronts on top of my jeans, well okay, a bit far fetched I know, well outside of the bedroom that is :-) . Anyway, to cut what's turned into a bit of a long story now into a shorter one, we gave them a tow back home and were thanked with a free visit to the museum and free mooring for the duration of our stay. The former is a bit of a bonus, but as we're only staying here for the rest of today and Sunday we've decided to just stay on the freebie moorings at the top of the lock anyway,

So there endith our good deed for the day and with Man U going fifteen points clear at the top of the table I'm hoping that we'll also win the lottery tonight to top it off, well not all of it of course, a simple six figure sum will suffice.

And so in signing off,

Day126 in the Badger Sett Narrowboat - 202 miles and 80 locks further on from when we started

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