Sunday, 13 May 2012

Back for a few more weeks

Hi there.

Back again for a few weeks holiday and this time we’re hope to do a bit more cruising as our first trip a few months ago was really down to cleaning through the narrow boat we’d just brought, getting some engine bits sorted and seeing a few people for things that we wanted to do. As we’re not local to the UK we can’t unfortunately just nip off for a weekend on the boat, but in time we hope to get over more often.

We’ve had some work done whilst we’ve been away such as some new batteries, a couple of drawers under the bed, a dinette and a cratch board, the latter of which we need to get a cover for. We had both Cover-it and Wilson’s around the last time we were over and are unsure which way to go. If anybody has got any comments or recommendations based on their experience of these, or others of course, it would be great to hear from you, thank you.

 Had some cold frosty mornings the last time we were up and whilst it was snugger inside, I just had to get out to take the following snap.

Llangollen canal - about half a mile after the first four locks

And at the other end of the day (that you’ll recognise from my blog page)


Back home at Overwater Marina - near Audlem in Cheshire

I’m mindful that I don’t want to ramble on and bore anyone too much, so I’ll leave it at this for now and try and give you an update at the end of our holiday of how a set of newbie’s are getting on.

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