Sunday, 20 May 2012

Here are the Boys

Hi there

Well, here are the boys on tour. Thought I’d better upload a picture so you don’t just think it is a boat full of lads, but my wife’s pride and joy.

I used to be number one in her life, then came our sons so I got relegated to third place and now we’ve all been bumped down the pecking order to make way for the boys. I’m currently in fifth place and that’s only on a good day . . .

Forgot to mention it before now, but our narrowboat is called Badger Sett and is fairly distinctive with the picture. I can’t pay any credit to the artist though as it was there when we purchased it recently.

Been up on the Middlewich Canal for a few days and are moored just past the Aquaduct Marina where there is a nice wide area for the boys to have a hunt and a play.

And afterwards, a snooze.

Weather’s been pretty good these last few day’s as well and hopefully we’ll have a few more before winter returns ! Just think, only thirty-two days till the longest day and then the days start getting shorter . . .

Heading back towards Audlem tomorrow for some work on the boat and then we’ll only have a few more day’s before having to head back home for a few more months.

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  1. glad to hear you enjoying your holiday! Yes, lots of sun today and rest of week - hurray!!
    Cheers, Janice and Dai