Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Kennet and Avon (Day 20)

Hi there

Well we're on day 20 and Nicky's ticked off 55 of her 208 locks. We're about two days away from the Caen Hill flight that encompasses lock numbers 22 to 50 so that'll be a big chunk off her to-do-list until we double back and she'll have the pleasure of doing them a second time. Going downhill first that's always easier as you can just open all the paddles fully as opposed to locking up when a bit more time and care is needed.

So, what have we been up to. Well I think my last post was around Kintbury where we just happened upon a fuel boat selling 25kg of coal for a tenner that's not a bad price, so two of those came our way as temperatures were due to be dropping quite low.

What with the pounds being quite low with water and miles of crappy edges that could do with dredging we've not had great mooring places outside of recognised visitor moorings in the town's and villages that we tend to steer clear of. Not too bad normally, but not helped along here with locks being fairly close and every time a lock fills you go over a few moor degrees and the ropes start creaking when they take more weight of the boat!

Moored up on one of the said mooring spots with the back further away from the bank than it looks in the picture so it's gang planks on the front.

The boys usually struggle with the planks as they're a bit scared walking up in the air and tend to half walk, jump, leap, scrabble and how they've not gone in yet I don't know. Now we've been on the boat now for four and a half years and I've only just thought of putting some mats on the planks and hey presto

It's easy peasy with even time for a cursory look around enroute.

Easier mooring near Crofton's steam powered pump house that's still used today to get water from this level to the summit about five locks up.

The water coming up from the well below and

the boilers making it all work. It was a bit of a chilly day and this was certainly the best place to be.

A few more days on and moored near Pewsey where we stopped for two nights as there were some good walks around. Day one walk was off to see the chalk horse of Pewsey that you might be able to make out in the centre of the picture above, but if not

here's a close up

Then it's another day and another walk, this time in the opposite direction to see the Giants Grave and yes this one's up a hill as well.

Good views from the top though of the Vale of Pewsey so worth the walk.

Our destination ahead, the Giants Grave.

Remembered to bring some water along for The Boys as it was a warm sunny day  so Binks having a drink

And then Benji not wanting to miss out.

Easier going down than up 😁

Not sure why, but not many boaty pictures this time so will try to do better next time.

And so in signing off,

Day 1375 in the Badger Sett Narrow boat - 2949 miles, 1840 locks and 1475 cruising hours further on from when we started.

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