Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We're still around and The Ribble Link

When we set off on our travels around the waterways network, the plan was for it to take about two to three years. We now find ourselves four and a half years later on and our somewhat longer than expected journey is still not complete, but we're slowly getting there as you'll see by our map.

Currently down on The River Thames, Hampton Court to be exact, with red being the colour for 2017.

A nice photo of our home, Badger Sett that is not Hampton Court, that I borrowed from Carol and George's Still Rockin blog.

A while ago now I saw a phrase on a blog somewhere (Can't remember whose so I can't pay them credit) but it stuck in mind and went something like 'Days without a name and time without a number' and pretty much sums up our life aboard these past few years. Terrible when you have to date and sign something though as I even struggle with a month and a year sometimes yet alone a time and a day!

Anyway, to ease myself back into this blogging lark I thought I'd just cheat a bit and start by putting on a couple of extra pages with photos of some of our 'Adventures' . The first one being The Ribble Link that we did way back in September 2013.