Wednesday, 8 May 2013

200 Today

200 today, well that’s how many days we’ve lived aboard. When we started out in October we thought well if we can get through a winter aboard then we should be okay. Well here we still are, not a single moment of regret and I can’t even recall having a bad day. The longer evenings are certainly a bonus and gives us more time to juggle travelling versus walking the boys and fitting in the other stuff we want or need to do.
My phone went for a swim the other day, luckily it was okay and still worked as it was in my jean pocket, unfortunately though, I was in my jeans at the time, yes, fell in I did. It was of course Nicky’s fault and I proceeded to tell her why as she just stood there watching me, but found out afterwards that she new it wasn’t her fault cause I didn’t shout loud enough or make more of a fuss about it. (Note to self, have a bigger tantrum when trying to blame her for something in future). No photo of the episode, which is lucky for Nicky as if she’d have taken one whilst I was in there floundering she’d have quickly followed.

As for the River Weaver, well it was the first river we’ve done on Badger Sett although with the dry period we’ve been having the flow was probably less than some canals so didn’t necessarily learn much about river navigation. Mooring is more designated areas than on the canals, but some of those that were there were quite nice with our favourites being at Dutton Locks and Vale Royal. It wouldn’t necessarily be a waterway we’d head back for again, other than to do the Anderton Boat Lift with someone and then stop a few days at the mooring places we’ve mentioned.

A couple of pickies for you, the weir at Dutton locks, us enroute to Vale Royal and a shot of the river near Winsford.



We were all decked out with our lifejackets, including the boys of course.

On our last day on the river they even did a pass by of a flotilla of boats for us, well okay, it wasn’t really for us, but for a navy vessel that had travelled along the Manchester Ship Canal and up the river to Northwich. Shame is though, off all days, the Anderton Boat Lift broke down so some narrow boats that were planning to come down couldn’t make it for the day.


Our mate Bod from Oz was in the UK for a few weeks and popped up to stay with us for one night. Came laden with beer he did and set about getting through them with me playing catch up seeing I’m a bit out of practice. Here he is doing his spell in the bar.

Thing is with these Ozzie blokes, well he’s not really an Ozzie as he’s a brummy that moved to Jersey as a teenager before emigrating to Oz about four years ago so he’s a bit of a geographical mongrel I suppose, but he’s got this façade of being a drinker from sun up to sun down, but it’s this weak stuff and my pee has probably got more alcoholic content so give him something strong (only talking 4.5% mind) and he has to have himself a nana nap later in the evening.

What a lightweight. . . . . . , but good to see him nonetheless.

We’ve left Northwich now having clocked up one day short of seven weeks in the area. Probably stayed longer than we thought we would have, but with Nicky going back home for a week and then our youngest son and girlfriend coming over for a week followed by our eldest son and girlfriend for a week, the problem with our prop shaft followed by a couple of weeks on the River Weaver, time just passes you by. Although we don’t travel much, we put some distance between us and Northwich by travelling a massive 9 hours in three days that took us 15 miles and 9 locks down the Trent and Mersey Canal and into new territory for us as we head for the Macclesfield Canal.

Just had some of the hottest days so far this year, so the boys took the opportunity of having a splash about to cool themselves off.

And finally the one,

 that didn't get away.

And so in signing off,

Day 200 in the Badger Sett Narrowboat - 370 miles and 119 locks further on from when we started.


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